ASAA E-Village India Mobile Application is a technological initiative by the A S AGRI AND AQUA LLP (ASAA Group of Companies) that bridges the digital gap between the Urban and Rural India, created with vision as directed under the Government of India’s flagship National e-Governance Plan, to boost digital connectivity throughout the length and breadth of the country. India is a vastly diverse country, encompassing a multitude of cultures, languages, and peoples spread across multiple states, districts, talukas, and villages. However, most of us are completely unaware about much of the information of our country, especially the villages.

Through our flagship ASAA E-Village App, we aim to enhance Human, Digital, and Physical networks throughout the country’s various villages with each other and with Urban areas, providing efficient access to information, communication, products, services, and many other facilities. The app will be run by A S Agri And Aqua LLP’s Entrepreneurs and IT professionals and will be operational in all states, districts, talukas, and villages of India, providing a comprehensive connectivity and information network across the country.

The company will also provide job opportunities and employment to locals by appointing & training one representative in every 10 villages and special co-operative officers in each taluka and district, who will be responsible for information updates, guidance, marketing, research, and grievance resolution in their designated areas.


To create a digital hub for India’s villages that will provide details for all the states, districts, talukas, and villages in the country, and serve as center for information, communication, and many more services – facilitating efforts to modernize neglected villages, improve tourism, and lend support to local businesses. 


A Vast Library of Information

The ASAA E-Village India App will provide a vast amount of information, including comprehensive details on History, Society, Culture, Administration, Businesses, Services, Transport, Tourism, Local Issues, etc. at the State, District, Taluka, and Village Levels.

Multitude of Facilities in One Place

Through the ASAA E-Village India App, users will be able to access information, communicate, advertise, conduct purchase and sales, learn about government schemes, developmental projects, and local facilities within the app. The app will also provide live news and real-time updates on current affairs in the country.

Smooth Navigation and User Interface

The app will provide an easy User Interface and a Smooth Navigation System, accessible through a Navigation Drawer Menu. At the mere touch of a button, users will be able to access a huge range of information and use several other features with ease.

An E-Market and Business Hub

The app will also serve as a Free E-Market and Business Platform where farmers can directly contact the buyers. Moreover, villagers will also be able to advertise their specialties, products, and services on the app. This will guarantee a more holistic Social Inclusion model that ensures Economic Empowerment, Rise in Life Quality, and Livelihood Enhancement for Villagers.

Available in Multiple Languages

The app will provide its array of features in multiple languages. Starting from English, Hindi, and Marathi, the app will continue to incorporate more regional and local languages so as to promote widespread usage across the country.



The ASAA E-Village India app will allow users to access vast information on every State, District, Taluka, and Village in the country. This will also allow users to gain information, communicate, conduct business, learn about schemes and projects, get news, and find out about local facilities in every Village.

With a single touch, the app will provide detailed information such as History, Location, Society, Culture, Customs and Traditions, Famous Personalities, Sports and Events, Tourist Places, Travel, Transport Facilities, Businesses and Industries, Developmental Projects, Govt. Schemes, Specialties, Services, etc. for every State, District, Taluka, and Village in the country.

Our app intends to create a digital information and communication hub for villages across India, including neglected and remote ones. The app will serve as a medium for Information, Communication, and Business for Villagers.

ASAA E-Village India Mobile App is provided FREE of cost by A S Agri and Aqua LLP. This initiative will contribute significantly towards bridging the Rural-Urban Gap in India and strengthen the digital connection between villages and metropolitan cities.

The ASAA E-Village India App will serve as an E-Market, allowing farmers and villagers to sell products to buyers all over India. It will connect job seekers with employers, and promote Rural Tourism and Local Businesses in the Villages, lending a hand towards Economic Upliftment, Empowerment, and Growth.



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Highly scientific approach of vertical farming . Great initiative for farmers.
Kudos to Team.

Prashant Gupta

Positive: Responsiveness
Thank you so much all officer of As Agri team

Santosh Wagh

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Excellent job they are doing for farmers and society

navneet singh tuli

Positive: Professionalism, Responsiveness, Value

Manoranjan Badatya

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Value

Rishab Nadar



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I am an investor in this big visionary company. The dedicated team and their passion at all levels is really commendable. Clear vision, transparency, passion, creativity and innovation is the part of their daily routine. Together we will succeed. All the very best and keep growing together. we are one

Dinesh Majukar

Very genuine,accountable , trustworthy and transparent team work the company did .

Dinesh Kute



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