Our Key Milestones

The Beginning of a New Revolution
  • Research & Development in Soil-based Vertical Farming and Aquaculture.
  • Inventing a new innovative business model to empower farmers and ensure sustainable development.
  • Acquisition of dams for fish farming and aquaculture.
The Foundation
  • 10 stalwarts from different verticals join hands for change.
  • A S AGRI AND AQUA LLP founded and commercialized.

  • Starting a new revolution in India’s agriculture ecosystem with technologically-driven solutions.
  • First Turmeric Polyhouse established in Ghoti.
The Expansion
  • Launch of Vishwaayu – an immunity drink with an original formula under a new health care vertical.
  • Expansion into contract farming, Bio-CNG, turmeric trading, investment, and other verticals.
Reaching New Heights
  • 100 Polyhouses Booked!
  • Launch of Biofloc – Enhancing Fish Farming and Aquaculture Technology.
  • Boasting of 3000 Investors.
  • Working towards establishing 4000 green fuel stations.
Global Presence & Continued Local Expansion
Vertical Farming Project


  • Established Presence in Qatar, Oman, and UAE.
  • New Deals with Farmers in UK.
  • Entry into the aquaculture sector in Sri Lanka.
  • Preparing to launch e-Village app to form connect India’s rural community.
Transforming India’s Agriculture Sector
  • Increase sustainability and self-sufficiency in the farmer community.
  • Transform Agriculture into an appealing sector.
  • Work in partnership with the Indian Government and other global organizations to enhance, develop, and improve Agriculture and Aquaculture technology and business models across countries and continents.



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