Sustainable Indoor Grow: Pros, Cons, and Tips

With the benefits of environmental regulation and privacy of operations, Sustainable Indoor Growth is catching on as the cultivation trend of the era. However, there may be some pitfalls that you absolutely need to be aware of, and take care to avoid before you take up this amazing new process of vertical farming.

Artificial lighting associated with the practice, constrictions of space, high-end and state-of-the-art equipment used to create a controlled temperature zone for vertical farming might blow a hole in your pocket, prove to be an ordeal, and need constant upkeep, respectively. However, there are ways to avoid these issues by knowing your equipment and understanding how to use it to ensure financially viable and efficient operations.

Alternative Energy

Indoor cannabis growers in the U.S. consume 1% of the total energy consumption (Electricity Plans). If you are a grower making 100 bucks per pound, imagine 9 bucks being spent on energy consumption. That’s a huge portion of the profit you are losing. This is why you might want to consider alternative sources of energy for an indoor grow. There are several alternative energy options available in the market, and although, they make hold significant upfront costs, in the long run of operations, you will definitely not only get their money’s worth back in the form of profits but also start turning super profits, over and above the level of investment. Once you decide to switch to alternative energy, there is no dearth of options to choose from:

Tesla Power Walls

Solar panels

Wind turbines


Hybrid systems that combine both solar and wind

It will be up to you to choose, customize, and sort and select based on your specialized needs for a grow room.

Vertical Growing

Wikipedia tells us vertical farming is “the practice of growing crops in vertically stacked layers.” One of the major benefits of Vertical farming is the high return on investment, i.e. greater produce by saving up on land and water resources. It is much more efficient and prudent than the conventional methods of farming and agriculture. In fact, it is even more judicious than a greenhouse! Another major benefit vertical farming is that cultivation can be done by farmers, irrespective of the weather conditions, which means, no dependence on natural climatic factors and the ability to make every harvest a perennial one. You can reap the benefits of greater yields while making judicious use of natural resources as well as fertilizers and pesticides.


In Vertical farming, an efficient Indoor grow room automation makes sure you make the best possible use of the available resources of energy and also consume limited energy from far more reasonable alternative resources. Just some of the benefits you can reap through complete automation of your Indoor Grow Room are a cornucopia of yield, judicious consumption and utilization of resources, improved quality of yield, less labour-intensive practices, and reduced lead times.

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