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The world’s overall population is expected to increase by another 2 billion by 2040. Feeding such a large population will be the toughest part. Due to urbanization, every day we are losing lands that could be used for farming and cultivation. Studies observation suggests that the Earth has lost one- fourth of its arable lands over the last 50 years.

India is the country with the maximum population. India is evolving every day with something new. Also, industrialization is increasing dramatically due to which many arable lands are at greater risk. Vertical farming in India is the answer to all these problems.

Vertical agriculture is an innovative way of maintaining our agricultural practices. In India, vertical farming is mostly polyhouse-based farming. Poly-house farming is a protected way that gives higher productivity and yield of vegetables and fruits across India.



A S AGRI AND AQUA LLP is a group of professional and experienced people joined together with one common goal of farming and aquaculture promising world’s best Hi-Tech Agriculture and Aquaculture. There are many vertical farming companies, yet we promise to give effective and best results with timely delivery.

Understudying the need for vertical farming is important. Therefore, we provide training programs and workshops. We understand the need for vertical agriculture. The requirements and equipment are managed and processed by the current Indian market trends.

We provide excellent services which also includes Turmeric vertical farming under poly-house. Product quality is the area of focus along with on-time supply and transportation of cultivated vegetables and mints. We use the latest Hi-technology and assure securing sustainability for urban areas with no environmental damage or harmful effects on human health and the environment.

Vertical farming is the best practice that should be encouraged alongside industrialization in India.


Vertical farming is efficient as well as sustainable technology. Vertical Farming has Lots of advantages over traditional farming. Most importantly it is Farming in your control. Control means control of production, maintaining quality, prevention from diseases.

Building a Vertical Farming under Polyhouse is one time costing and it is modern agricultural Industry which gives us yearly yield as well as production. Hence if we calculate the yearly returns till 24 Years, then Vertical Farming is very much cheap. It is one time investment in Infrastructure. The crop which we grow is turmeric and as per the yield which we get from Polyhouse we recover our invested amount within 1.5 years which we have spent in building asset.


Yes its profitable. Just put this sentence in google :- What is the demand of 5% Curcumin Turmeric in International Market, you will find the statististics. This type of turmeric is in huge demand in Pharma, Health and Nutrition and Nutraceutical Industries. Even if we construct such 10,000 Polyhouses in India, then also we can fulfil only 8% demand of such type of Turmeric.

Considering the huge demand in International Market, we have selected Turmeric crop to be grown by Vertical Farming. Understand that we produce 5% Curcumin content Turmeric in Polyhouse, which is eligible for Export. Another property of Turmeric is its shelf life. 3 Years nothing will happen to this crop, once it is dried and we have a technology, through which we can preserve it till 6 years. India produces 82% Turmeric (Curcumin less than 3%) in world and we are major consumer of such type of turmeric. Domestically it is consumed mainly in powder form. So in future we can also start producing 5% of Curcumin Turmeric Powder which will be huge business, which is not yet started.


Considering the huge demand in International Market, we have selected Turmeric crop to be grown by Vertical Farming. We can grow soybean, harbara dal and many crops in vertical farming





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